A Space of Your Own

The renovated Rosendal's Castle is an invitation into an exclusive space where people come together.


Entering the courtyard, after passing the original moat and driving through the pale blue gate, it became perfectly clear just how special a place Rosendal's Castle is. Though being from the 17th century, the place is more than its history – it has become a vibrant space where past meets presents that allows for a unique way of being. 

Renovated, restored, and reopened, Rosendal's Castle lends itself to corporate gatherings in need of privacy and a special atmosphere that allows for the great conversations to unfold. Identifying the core values and story, we focused on just that: the inviting light in the courtyard, the halls designed for important eye-to-eye, and rooms made for luxury. 

But this was not just a matter of finding the right words. Art director Gry Strange Echwald and I worked on a holistic brand strategy and platform with converations and intimacy as the red thread, weaving every corner of the castle and its offerings together. Every little piece was brought to life in a catalogue, a website, and labels for their own product line, transfering all that's special about Rosendal's Castle. 

Art director: Gry Strange Echwald
Photographer: Katrine Rohrberg
Stylist: Pernille Vest 
Illustrator: Sine Jensen

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