Hi, there! I'm Camilla, a word person with a passion for the good story. 

During my time at university, I was convinced I would never leave. But after handing in my master thesis on stress in modern Danish literature, I only knew one thing: I wouldn't want to spend all of my life talking about stories – I wanted to write, create, and shape them. And stories don't just live in books; they surround us. Just take a look around. 

Things I do


Core values and story
Tone of voice


Texts for online and print 
Content strategy


Opinion pieces


Editing and proofreading
Translations from English and German into Danish

I love great stories. So does your audience. Let's make sure they know yours.



1. Do good things.

This world and planet is ours to share – plants, animals, and humans alike. I take this responsibility seriously and expect the same of the people I work with.

2. Be patient.

A good story needs time to unfold. I don't believe in quick fixes or easy wins. I don't care if you go viral – I care about lasting change. And we all do better work, if we have the time to think twice, try out new ideas, or change our tactics.

3. A word is never just a word.

Some words just pop up, seemingly out of nowhere. But the words that make the final cut are not chosen by random. They are the result of decisions, strategy, and experience, and so I would never dream of counting or charging by them. A word is never just a word, yet a single word can change the world.


Portraits: Kasper Kristoffersen 
Visual identity: Lea Thagaard Thomsen

A word is never just a word.


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